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Traveling solo

I knew something was wrong when walking up 10 stairs winded me and left me sweating and needing a break. The young Peruvian woman carrying a a full load of goods to sell up high, who passed me, asked if I was ok, assuming it was the altitude. No, no, I responded. Only a week or two ago, I was at 6,000m. She looked at me dubiously, but passed on.

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Land of the Incas

One of the delights of this year has been traveling in places where the history is OLD.

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Change in Plans

Note to self….  if you are quoted a price, always make sure you ask if it is in dollars or in bolivianos or pesos or rupees or whatever currency you are currently using…..

Yeah….  the quote for the second climb – WAY out of my budget.  Like, out of the ballpark.

Unfortunately, I have been hanging out in La Paz waiting for the climb for two days.  And though it is a great city, I am so ready to get the hell out of dodge.

So, tomorrow, I will head to Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca and then visit Isla del Sol before heading into Peru.

My time is quickly dwindling, which is very sad indeed.  For those of you who don’t know — I am leaving  South America on April 30th to fly to NY to then fly to Denver.

What???  you ask?  well…..

On day in Vietnam, on a whim, I applied to present at the National Expeditionary Learning Conference ( .  To my surprise, I was accepted, which will be a great experience — however, it meant cutting my trip short.  But — since I am returning to South America – to Ecuador — in July with a group of students, I figured I would be still getting 5 months in South America.

So — that means that I have just 5 weeks left….  which is a little mind-blowing to me.

Better start livin’ it up…..