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What I read

Right now, I’m reading a lot of blogs from riders in South America (my current obsession distraction dream) – here are some of my favorites.

This dude inspires me to plan for my bikepacking trip down the Andes:  While Out Riding

I like Cherry’s style:  The Places in Between

She’s cycling from Cali to Argentina – which sounds like a fine plan:  Cycle South Chica

He call’s himself a mid-life cyclist, which I can appreciate since I will be right there with him by the time I start my ride:  Myles & Miles

This guy also takes inspiration-worthy photos:  Mike Howarth

Anna’s not riding through South America (she’s riding the GDT), but she is a rider after my own heart (I might have spit my beer out at my screen laughing at her latest post):  Confessions of a Small Girl

There are more but, I am going to stop there…

And then, I read other things too….

We have at least one mutual friend, love west coast ipas and share a love of mountains and adventure – you’ll like her too!  Read about Kim’s adventures here:  So Many Places

And her husband and I share a fascination with sasquatch:  Wandering Sasquatch

This woman is damn funny:  Unbrave Girl

I like reading about Sarah’s adventures and thinking in Mexico:  Sarah Somewhere

This woman writes and posts about food that always makes me hungry (and she has an appetite that I can appreciate!):  Legal Nomads

A friend of mine, who I met while traveling, writes such heartfelt posts here at Living Like Water – I cannot help but keep returning to them.


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