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30 for 30s

“I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.”


Age doesn’t faze me much.  I long ago gave up the milestones (husband, house, 2.5 cars acres jobs kids) and the American quest to conquer, achieve and hoard.  Living in NYC helps with that, as there are people of all ages, doing all sorts of things, living all sorts of lives (many much more cool than I!).  And in my head, I’m 32-ish.

But – I’m not 32-ish.  I recently turned 39 and was struck by the fact that this would be my last year of my 30s.  At first, this realization made me laugh – so what?!  29 wasn’t a big deal!  But then I realized, at 29 I had my head up my ass and didn’t really know anything.

And, to be clear — it’s not like a decade later has provided that much more clarity and wisdom.  But — this I now know:  The world is too amazing and this life is too short. 

I am still bumbling my way through, but learning to be kind and to shower those around me with love, and add a little beauty to my corner of the world.  So….  in celebration of 39 and needing to live deep (thanks big-daddy Thoreau), I decided to give myself 30 gifts to celebrate the passing of my 30s.

We all know that I love making lists, so really, this was just another opportunity to do so.  But – I am really excited for all the goals/adventures in front of me this year.  Some of them are deeply personal.  Some of them are just for fun.

Here is some of what is on my list:

10.  Hike the Pemi Loop in NH.  In a day.

12.  2 multi-day bike trips

24.  Ride my bike at least once every week of the year.

15.  A-Z of restaurants in NYC – new restaurants.

Pho Grand -- the start of A-Z in restaurants

Pho Grand — the start of A-Z in restaurants

11.  Eat 30 cookies in one day.  (maybe the same day as I hike the Pemi)

9.  Go on a meditation retreat.

7.  30 new adventures in NYC

Visit to Central Park

Visit to Central Park

4.  No drinking for 30 days.  (Update, I am on day 15 of this one!)

Though I love good IPAs and mezcal, I gifted myself with 30 days of no drinking.

Though I love good IPAs and mezcal, I gifted myself with 30 days of no drinking.

27.  Bike 3,000 miles.

22.  Go on a vacation somewhere I’ve never been.  I am really good at going to Oregon and California.  What about somewhere new?  (Note:  Can be combined with overnight bike trip.  Costa Rica, anyone?)

23.  Take a cooking class.

Really, it's all about eating.

Really, it’s all about eating.


There’s 19 more.  And ultimately, the list doesn’t matter.  There’s no reward for finishing it all.  There’s no punishment for not doing all these things.  It’s really all about living deeply, sucking the marrow of life, going big.  It’s too short not to.




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  1. Carol Kushner #

    Great list and photos! You are incredible.

    February 3, 2014
  2. Kenn Kushner #

    Obviously your Mom and I are very proud to watch you live deeply!!

    February 3, 2014
  3. I think we shall cross paths someday…keep on keepin’ on! Love the posting!

    April 4, 2014
    • Aurora #

      Awesome — hope so! Your adventures are pretty great!

      April 4, 2014

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