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Frequently Asked Questions

When I tell people about my plans, I usually get one of three responses:

1.  Aren’t you scared?

2.  Are you traveling by yourself?  (which is followed by question number 1)

3.  Is this an Eat-Pray-Love thing?

Yes.  Yes.  No.

Of course I am scared.  The list of what-ifs goes on and on….

what if i get malaria?  what if i run into a huge snake in southern india?  what if i get lonely?  what if I get really sick?  what if I get abducted?  what if I run out of money?  what if I get hurt and have to come home early?  what if I miss my mommy?  what if I get my head chopped off?  what if it turns out I don’t like traveling?

as you can see…..  the mind can run rampant with these what-if questions (and all of a sudden I am transported to my classroom and how my students love the what if questions and I can understand the 10th grade brain in a whole new way…..)

But, at the same time, I guess I don’t know what I would be missing if I don’t go.  I don’t know how lonely or how scary it will be — since right now, I am just imagining the possibilities.  But to live it and see it and experience it….  then I will know.  And sometimes, the idea of just staying is as scary and lonely as anything else I can imagine….

5 days until I move out of my apartment.  Just ask me if I am ready…. come on, just ask!  ok, I’ll tell you.  um, not ready.  nope, not packed.

and as for the eat-pray-love thing….  i mean, i guess because she traveled – there is that similarity.  But i am not a writer, not getting paid to travel and not-getting-a-divorce-rebounding-and-breaking-up.  So there is that.  Nor am I julia roberts.  just sayin’

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  1. Lise Krieger #

    Yay, Aurora! I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk to you personally before you leave — but I’m so excited for you and so proud of you. This will be just so amazing–and scary and lonely and hard –and wonderful. You go, girl. I look forward to reading more! Have fun. We’ll miss you at Renaissance!

    July 22, 2011
  2. Kim #

    I am terrified too. Fear is a sign that you are challenging yourself to be more than you are, you should be proud that you don’t let fear stand in your way!

    July 29, 2011
    • thanks Kim! good to hear that I am not alone…. sometimes i get an image of myself next year, alone in India for example, and I think — what the hell am i doing?! but at the same time…. I cannot imagine NOT doing it! 🙂

      July 29, 2011

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